My eyes got watery watching this…that is how much I want to see this. 


Collie Buddz new album “Playback”

Love the song and even more so love the art direction of this music video!! Kudos to the director to actually create a video with a concept that does not revolve around a scantily dressed hot girl slow dancing in a nightclub! Way to be original!! Thank you!! 

The concept of this video intrigues me not only because of the special effects of how it is filmed but the concept behind it. I interpret the video with a feeling of getting the point of view of the ‘fast paced’ lifestyle of a recording artist: from wardrobe changes, photoshoots, recording studios and constantly interacting with people. This of course is filmed fast paced with special effects and then “paused” when Collie Buddz sings the hook.

Which can I just say the hook is AMAZING! Love it!! 

Big fan of this artist and just bought 4 tickets to see him perform at the House Of Blues in San Diego in October.  Check out his tour dates here

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Girl ya love is like 

Pause. Playback. Rewind. Pause

Playback. Playback. Pause

Playback. Rewind. Play Playback

Ya Love is like a Soundcheck