Paris nightlife vs. London nightlife

Simply put - this is VERY comparable to 

L.A nightlife vs. Vegas nightlife

In my opinion, going out 3 different nights in Paris I found it to be very similar to Los Angeles. You have 2 extremes and no middle ground in choices when you go out. First of all there is not a big club scene in Paris. The clubs that do exist either cater to tourists and the others are extremely posh and hard to get into. I got to experience both sides. One night at Le Baron and the other night a pub crawl among tourists. As well as a night walking along the Seine river and “Lover’s Bridge" where all the youth sit alongside in collective groups and drink bottles of cheap champagane or wine. 

When your in the posh clubs (again, if you get in) the scence looks like a collection of models, hip & trendy wealthy patrons that (would smoke chain cigarettes if it were allowed) showcase their fashion, ( which may I add, looks great on them and French women barely wear any make up) gossip, and be closed off to inviting new conversation with new guests. It was sooooo “L.A” in there. 

Then you have London.

London is like Vegas! Not only does London have a huge nightclub scene but is also internationally known to have some of the best clubs. Check out DJ mag for their Top 100 Clubs and London is listed multiple times in the top 20. Not only is there well known house clubs but also great clubs playing open format. Clubs like ChinaWhite, Boujis and Movida

Then there is the people. Equal playing field here. Everyone is out to have a good time. Sociable, open, and thoroughly intoxicated is how I could describe the crowds and that is why Vegas is very comparable. 

So, who wins? I’m not one to answer…after-all I have the best of both worlds - L.A as my home and Vegas every weekend. I think that similar situation would suffice for me in this situation too. Live in Paris and go out in London every weekend.